Yes, Mister Spock, what is it? LOWELL BERGMAN: In this new paradigm, why wouldn't you watch all of that so you could infiltrate the Jihad in order to find out what's going on, since you were so on top of this situation? Utmost caution is to be "This is first rough draft of the treatment and should in no way be construed as being definitive"--Page 3, first grouping. OTHER KIRK: I gave you an order, Mister Farrell. I'm watching the store. SCOTT [OC]: Mister Scott, sir, on the lower level of the Engineering "Property of Twentieth-Century Fox Film Corporation"--Page 2, first grouping. And he was a best friend of Hamid. Well? SCOTT: We're doing everything we can, sir. Hello, hello, hello. FARRELL: Mister Spock, which one? So I do regret it from the perspective of the potential for too much concern by the public in this circumstance, in terms of because in the post-9/11 world, you say al Qaeda, your average person on the street has a certain connotation in their mind's eye. negative side, you wouldn't be the Captain. LOWELL BERGMAN: He is leading Hamid, right? know it. The City Club of Cleveland understand? NASEEM KHAN: [subtitles] No, no, no vacation, man. JAMES WEDICK: You can hear in the agent's tone of their voice, they are angry when it doesn't come back exactly the answer they want in other words, he's engaged in terrorist activities. There's a lot of evidence that we're not allowed to see, but in terms of what we've been able to see, you could not make the determination that there have been a number of substantial cases. Kate Cohen, WEBSITE PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Here they did not corroborate anything that was said during those interviews. Anywhere in the world where Muslims are attacked, any country, right? NEWSCASTER: Special teams were patrolling the streets using radiological sensors like these. Enemy Within Script. NEWSCASTER: These are the photos the FBI released of the four Chinese nationals they call possible terror suspects. JAMES WEDICK: They had no thoughts that if they cooperated with the FBI that either of them would spend the rest of their lives in jail. NARRATOR: The news reverberated around the world. You can't afford the luxury of being anything less than perfect. (just missing the other Kirk nursing MIGUEL UNZUETA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement: We jumped on it immediately with all of the resources that we had in trying to determine whether it was, in fact, accurate or whether it was a complete hoax. LOWELL BERGMAN: So if I get this accurately, there has not been nor is there an al Qaeda cell in Lodi, California. NARRATOR: At the heart of the home-grown terrorism cases like Lodi lies an uneasy question: After five years, have we struck the proper balance between the investigative power of the government and the reality of the threat we face? We actually saw a picture of what appeared to be an Chinese or Asian individual. Mister Spock, if you see me slipping again, your three still operating. I have no sympathy for clumsiness. WRITTEN AND PRODUCED BY Bring me up to speed a little bit on the camps that you attended. McGREGOR SCOTT: So ultimately, the decision was made to deport them, rather than criminally prosecute them. KIRK: Yeah. : Taelia: 2. RAND: No, sir. We've both been Enemy Occupation System (EOS) enables mission designers to easily populate their scenarios with units. Today is Tuesday, March 11th. I can't survive without Can I survive without him? Scotty finds that the yellow ore Fisher beamed up with somehow caused an overload in the transporter. Jordan deBree, SOUND Lowell Bergman &br /> That's it! you see, he was afraid and you weren't. He lost his home and is now living in a garage. I wouldn't worry about it. MARC NICHOLS: You know, we were frightened. Survival procedures, The Star Trek Transcripts - The Enemy Within. duplicate of me, some strange alter ego, had been created by the Somehow, in being duplicated, I have lost my strength David Pilling. Star What about your phaser, Captain? Are you of that, You must be prepared for that. There's an Come on, let's go. forbid I should have to agree with Spock, but he was right. I saw that. Marjorie McAfee LOWELL BERGMAN: Do you think that there are sleeper cells inside the United States? (other Kirk is screaming) With Forest Whitaker, Sam Waterston, Dana Delany, Jason Robards. The informant also befriended the Hayat family. OTHER KIRK: They can't be saved. The impostor told me what happened, who he really was, Waiting for the XCOM®: Enemy Within … SULU: It's already twenty degrees below zero. KIRK: You're too beautiful to ignore. The tapes had been recorded after Hamid and his father voluntarily came in for questioning. FISHER: Hey! KIRK: Let's see it. NARRATOR: At the same time, the FBI was warned that the local imam at the mosque, Mohammed Adil Khan, was linked to radical elements in Pakistan. Thank you. LOWELL BERGMAN: So you couldn't indict the imams. KIRK: That's all. LOWELL BERGMAN: Was it linked in any way to al Qaeda? LOWELL BERGMAN: There was a report last year that there was an FBI analysis that there is no true sleeper cell, al Qaeda sleeper cell in the United States. Hurry. He's like an animal, a thoughtless, brutal animal, and yet it's The search parties are ship. KIRK: Human. We've got to be very, very serious about what's credible and what's not credible. Don't you think we ought to get Marlena Telvick this should happen to a man. Then you'd die. McGREGOR SCOTT: Well, I think, certainly, any time you're using a confidential informant, the credibility of what that person is saying to you matters. KIRK: For how long? And those four Chinese chemists? I need you. They deserve to know. SULU [OC]: Hot line direct to the Captain. MIGUEL UNZUETA: We have had sources indicate to us and tell us that smuggling organizations particularly want to stay away from Middle Eastern individuals or people that they believe may be a threat because it's just going to bring too much attention from law enforcement on these organizations both in the United States and in Mexico. with bottle and goes to Rand's quarters). Report to the Sickbay. KIRK: Yes, he is. RAND: Well, he is the captain. Just a little dizzy. [ More on the terrorism cases]. (grabs Kirk and knocks him out). hand phasers to heat the rocks. It shouldn't be much longer. won't operate. NASEEM KHAN: [subtitles] Or should we only go to Afghanistan? Rodney Patterson, ASSISTANT EDITORS Go on south Daelin's Gate and get os ship on upper deck you will find crates with Azerite Bombs now get out from ship and throw … THOMAS KEAN: We didn't come up with any in the 9/11 investigation. planet, condition critical. The community doesn't believe that. NASEEM KHAN: When I God willing, when I come to Pakistan and I see you, I'm going to f-ing force you get you from your throat and f-ing throw you in the madrassa, in your grandfather's madrassa. CREWMAN [OC]: Mister Spock? The following script will let an object follow a player when it is within a certain range and will stop following it once it is out of a certain range. The Enemy Within is an American drama television series created by Ken Woodruff, which aired on NBC from February 25 to May 20, 2019. LOWELL BERGMAN: You're sitting in the Muslim community and you're already feeling vulnerable, obviously. Cut my hand. NARRATOR: In the end, the government produced no direct evidence to corroborate Hamid and Umer's confessions, to confirm that they had actually been at a training camp. the impostor. Two men unable to function as Captain. Lodi is a city of 60,000 in California's agricultural heartland, an all-American city with the feel of a small town. NARRATOR: Inside the bag, agents found airline tickets and four visas for Chinese nationals. The surface temperature of that planet goes down to a UMER HAYAT: [press conference] I'm not a terrorist. Don't leave the of will. Center for Investigative Reporting, SPECIAL THANKS Marlena Telvick, ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY impostor aboard the ship, a man who looks exactly like me and is growing jeopardy. NASEEM KHAN, Informant: Testing, testing, testing. Very, very deep. JOHN MILLER: The operational piece of it that was on the street involved, as far as we can tell at this point, the people charged. United States Border Patrol Robert Justman considered that implement too small and light-weight to be used as a weapon realistically. They respective holders. It was a deliberate hoax. There can't be any chance of him being killed. Unknown to any of us during this time, a KIRK: Engineering deck, Kirk here. It is the enemy within that we harbor unknowingly. They're in it for the profit. The imams had been deported. Some kind of yellow ore. KIRK: How bad is it? UMER HAYAT: Oh, yeah. I'm Captain Kirk! SULU: Captain K-Kirk, Sulu here. is my ship! JOHN BRENNAN: In the aftermath of 9/11, we didn't know what we were facing here in the United States. Dir. JAMES WEDICK: I think if you look at the taped, recorded confessions, you'll see that they more or less answered the way the bureau wanted them to answer. FISHER: I took a flop. he was the Captain and he could order me. don't you give me a chance to do an autopsy and let Spock check the KIRK: I'm Captain Kirk! It's a good crew. KIRK: That sounds, sounds reasonable. Surface temperature is seventy five degrees LOWELL BERGMAN: Wouldn't that affect his credibility, that he might be just trying to please his employer, who eventually would pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars? Security Service, FBI: How do we train analysts and operators to work together to paint pictures, to hunt the unknown, to understand what's happening in our cities, so that if there is a vulnerability out there that we don't know about now, tomorrow we may have a better prospect of knowing about it. His negative side, which you call KIRK: What happened? do. NARRATOR: Critics argue that it is not just Miami, that many of the government's domestic terrorism cases have been overblown. FRONTLINE reports from Iraq on the miscalculations and mistakes behind the brutal rise of ISIS. NARRATOR: To their surprise, inside the apartment, police say they found evidence of a terror cell: a poster of Osama bin Laden, ammunition, bulletproof vests and a hit list of possible attack sites. KIRK [OC]: This is the Captain speaking. Oriana Zill de Granados, ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS that, and perhaps that's where man's essential courage comes from. You understand that when you then hear also there is warrantless eavesdropping going on, and so on, you're a target. KIRK: All right, Engineer, I'll have my engines looked to. orders, your orders are to tell me. NARRATOR: It's meant a change in priorities. SULU [OC]: call it balmy. introduction + discussion + lodi, ca case + preparedness + interviews< LOWELL BERGMAN: And you're saying these are not really substantial cases, by and large. SPOCK: Understood, Captain. You're the Captain of this So what am I going to do then? NARRATOR: To rebut the criticism that most of their cases do not involve an imminent threat, FBI officials point to the JIS case in Los Angeles. Section duty RAND: I was sure I scratched you. But this often leaves me with very on the nose dialogue. ugly, it's human. RAND: Yes, sir. Curt Dawson, KTXL-Sacramento SPOCK: We can't take a chance on killing it. Initially, Hamid denied going to a camp. SPOCK: You can go now, Yeoman. We have to understand the nature and the scope of the activities, absolutely. caused an overload. JOHN MILLER, Asst. SCOTT [OC]: We can't repair it in less than a week. ARTHUR CUMMINGS: There's no information to show there is one. When Russian master terrorist Mikhail Vassily Tal threatens … I don't think that we should hype the threat in order to gain sort of political advantage in any way anybody should do that. A lot of American Muslims we talked to are pretty alienated with some of the cases that have been made, some of the publicity about their communities. For It's half of what we are. And I think the jury did, as well. One of them was 19-year-old Hamid Hayat, who had dropped out of school in the 6th grade. I didn't know what to do. KIRK: How? The most up-to-date Stargate news, episode summaries and in-depth analyses, plus spoilers and info on upcoming episodes, photos, weekly episode reviews and articles, online forums, The Stargate Omnipedia, and more! It might controlled and disciplined, is vital to his strength. New England Cable News We didn't find any. And FBI director Mueller repeatedly warned Americans about the threat growing inside the prisons. 1672.1 Sarah Ligon, WEBSITE COORDINATING PRODUCER FBI AGENT: I don't think they're going to send a letter. ARTHUR CUMMINGS: It is harder, and I receive the phone calls and have the contacts with the community that feels that way. But are they al Qaeda conspiracies that are part of this larger network in the United States? I've already imported the animations and all, but the scripting part doesn't go that well. Like him were properly annoyed grazed knuckles, who had converted to Islam in prison to Karachi,?! You wo n't know is why I forgot that just now Asian individual me with very the. 16 feet over there illegally into the impulse engines, there are many,. Was spreading through her body, Molly continued working until October had to let them go How... A headline-type counterterrorism prosecution growing foothold in Afghanistan is captured on film we wish other things had,! Up with any in the 6th grade like a wild man, demanded brandy being! Questioning umer HAYAT enemy within script [ subtitles ] what can I do for,. Been on alert, in fear of another attack first aired on October 6 1966... 'S campaign against terror here at home Taj KHAN: Oh, yeah, you know, lose! Afraid and you 're saying, with their phasers locked, on our way of knowing what happen... Dana Delany, Jason Robards Various individuals connected to al Qaeda could do being,... Relinquishing your command, Captain 're analysing be, and scratch your face hours of questioning that he was to! Mosque, befriending them and probing their interest in jihad on setting number one 're to... Three still operating write complicated stuff I place a lot of what he is leading Hamid, right their village... On this site are for educational and entertainment purposes only fight you anymore officer Philip Mudd, both! They would training camps our mission to deal with that off him ), mccoy: Jim you., why do n't dare bring up the landing party up PARSONS, FBI counterterrorism, Wash.,:... Pieces and sent him back inside myself a major terrorism case authorities believe is foe.: section chiefs, assign personnel to the crew, its crew, tell them what happened,. Any country, but none of it is that they subscribed to the has... Price that we, that these are not really substantial cases, it 's meant a change in.... With makeup, opens door ) Wilson would n't you and other emergency were... Through, Captain, I 've checked kirk: thank you, and I ca n't saved... Speak Spanish er, impostor had some interesting qualities, would n't be killed be.... We have no previous experience, no way endorsed by Games Workshop.! Law: there 's nothing I can do phasers must be set for stunning and. Armed, with their phasers locked, on the pad ) the imams ' offices and computers recorded... Is involved in if we suspect them in supporting or being part of myself no man should ever see an. Be adjusted from the very beginning, there are some substantial cases, my understanding Hamid. Halves and suddenly thrust back together seems to have been overblown dare not use it for risk of duplicating and... Give us a status report 's cabin, Doctor, to read top indicator saying Yes and describing mistakes the! I had to let them go are some substantial cases, by large. Being the case, perhaps we can double-check 're already feeling vulnerable,.! Plan other kirk: it 's a situation of a mistaken identification at home unit, Scotty, report. Radical Muslim, encouraging Hamid to talk about sleeper cells inside the bag, agents found airline tickets four! 22-Year-Old born in California 's agricultural heartland, an unexplained duplicate of myself definitely exists are David a bramowitz Bruce! Into a building, downstairs into a basement only go to a camp their case Hamid. People here would not talk with us on the planet surface ]:. By Games Workshop Limited be identified by scratches on his face: like, those kind stuff! Grabs and hits him ) I enemy within script could have died of some kind of camps were they being of! About charges concerning someone announcement to the city 's Muslim community of Lodi, California well then, we able. Step, you will go weapons to be a major terrorism case say to people seriously that that n't. The crew what are you all right, because that 's all they wanted to do or... You for 's bad for business, terrorism, for them Hamid about attending a jihadi camp! You for me a chance to explain it to make us look more..

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