Your email address will not be published. Felt recoil is mild, as you would expect, and you can adjust the rifle to reduce muzzle movement and enable you to spot shots. I can count on one hand the number of ARs I've tested that posted a group better than that, and all of them cost more than twice the Recon. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The slim free-float rail make the gun handle and look great, it really feels like a custom gun compared to any other AR in it’s price range. Long before many of us ever heard the term “C-clamp” referring to a grip style, service members were holding their M4s like this, since that was the easy way to manipulate our IR laser/illuminator mounted to the top rail of our rifles. That’s what you pay poor people to do…and that right there is the wrong attitude that is affecting a lot of the country. Fair enough, but if AR-building is a hobby or you build more than one, or use those tools for multiple purposes/firearms, then the cost per use drops quickly. Yet somehow I haven’t seen a single one in the wild anywhere. Fix the trigger and you’d have a great gun. Thoughts on Savage MSR 15? Savage also incorporated a mid-length gas system into the MSR-15 Recon, another departure from the traditional vein of AR rifles. I know that was an issue when the rifles were released. Not 100 percent happy with the BLACKHAWK! You could build your own for $800, or you could buy the Savage for $737 and hope it comes with a better trigger than the one in this review…, Several noted their rifles are going strong 4,000, 5,000, and even 6,000 rounds later. Needless to say, this has a negative effect on accuracy. Savage provided 320 .224 Valkyrie rounds of ammunition for the review. I am mechanically inclined, have an abundance of tools which allow me to work on and/or fix just about anything I care to work on. I love mine. ), Savage MSR-15 Valkyrie adjustable gas block (image courtesy JWT for It sports a longer throat length that allows heavier bullets to seat properly without compressing the cartridge. Admittedly, prices in the wild will likely be more competitive. But don’t blame the rifle. Those crappy triggers probably cost them $15. (Oh, and we’re both millennials, which might be why they said such things.). Page / 2 Next Page. Savage is known for their excellent triggers. I also note, that while you’re correct about YouTube and online research in general, your average person has basically zero capacity to research anything. I guess when both Federal and Hornady produce the line, it distributes quickly. Barrel Length: 16.125 inches, 1:8 twist Also note that the proximal end of the handguard ends in a round cut that fits neatly over the upper receiver’s carrier channel. Oxidation happens. Savage is a company I never thought I’d see put out an AR-15 rifle. $100 less? LOL. With the velocity loss, what bullet weight range is best for defense purpose? All fair points but I think the reason for the market being as it you are seeing it today is that the vast majority of people won’t/don’t build a rifle because they have no idea how, don’t know how to find out, and probably don’t want to be bothered. In many cases they have to put in more hours, but they make their money. Seen in context, though, the move makes sense. I think some of that has to do with an attitude presented in the schools and by society at large. I noticed that the handguard's rail is not perfectly aligned with the receiver's rail. Receiver Material: Aluminum 7075 Reliability * * * * * By the time I got to the bench I had a good idea of how the MSR-15 Valkyrie would perform. I was not disappointed. I am by no means mechanically inclined but I always like learning how things work. I literally built my AR with a pair of needle nose pliers, a punch and a rubber mallet. If you are shooting an AR-15 in .5.56 NATO in an un-suppressed “direct impingement” rifle and sticking to the standard NATO offerings of that caliber, an adjustable gas block won’t do you a whole lot of good. Their “AccuTrigger” is such a selling point that they bring a gigantic functioning model of it to every trade show they attend. Savage MSR-15 Valkyrie with Federal ammo (image courtesy JWT for If you want to go with store-bought — and as you’ll see later, there’s no reason you shouldn’t on this gun — you can find several different loads at inexpensive prices. Carbine length gas system? There’s more than a little difference in the gas requirements needed to make the rifle cycle between a 60 grain unsuppressed round and a suppressed 90 grainer. They’d rather pay more for something that works out of the box. Magazine: Detachable Box Magazine That would make a fine Texas Hill Country hunting round. That’s pretty telling…. I’d also change the flash hider, slapping on a muzzle brake of some sort. The Savage MSR’s grip and the buttstock are straight out of the BLACKHAWK! Federal Premium group (image courtesy JWT for It makes the Savage MSR light yet provides more accuracy than a featherweight profile barrel. I spent around $800 to build mine; from reading forum threads and comments, $800 seems to be about the standard amount the build-it-yourself crowd spends to make a $1K+ AR. Case in point: the Savage MSR or “Modern Savage Rifle” series: four models of semi-automatic firearms based on the AR-15 design. For those of you who read my reviews, you know I look for reasons for a gun to get knocked out of that category. No round of any type failed to fire, eject, or load again. The only special tools needed are for the upper, every thing else is pretty much tool free, though it saves a lot of frustration to get a tool to help install the front take down pin detent. Garand Daddy review: “I haven’t shot this gun much. Getting under 1 MOA in an auto loader is darned impressive! Savage Arms MSR-15 Valkyrie trigger group (image courtesy JWT for Sure, there are plenty of other parts on an AR that could be replaced with aftermarket, but none of them are as important as a decent trigger. The trigger is just fine on this. Length: 33.5” – 36.75” The higher the grain the better in a Wylde chambered AR, especially with the 5R rifling that Savage put into the barrel. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You’ll see those as relief cuts in the magazine well, as well as the forward portion of the mag well. Posted: 7/16/2017 6:18:38 AM EDT I have the Savage Recon and like I said no problems the trigger on mine seems real nice . I shelled out $1750 for my SR-762 and it had about an 8 pound trigger in it from the factory. According to Savage, this is a “tunable” muzzle brake. Not sure what the hell this moron is talking about. Starting from a low kneel, weapon on safe and low, I gave myself 6 seconds to shoot 6 roughly 1-inch targets, left-to-right and top-to-bottom, at 100 yards. I hate muzzle brakes on all guns save the magnum calibers on ultralight rifles. There are no obvious tool marks and the FDE Cerakote job is smooth and even throughout. His lack of knowledge of firearms and laws is scary. (Photo: Scott Mayer) For testing, I fitted the Recon with a Bushnell Trophy Xtreme 4-16x44mm scope and fired Black Hills 60-grain V-Max, Federal 62-grain Fusion MSR and SIG 77-grain OTM loads at 100 yards. Zero issues of any kind. Has Savage alleviated the issues with the .224 Valk MSRs blowing primers? 55, 68, 77? Your email address will not be published. READ MORE How much do you want to bet that she called Code Enforcement thinking “I’ll show those stupid kids” just because she thought we were stupid for doing it? I assume are asking me, the author. So a couple points that make me question his experience with accuracy. The MSR 15 RECON 2.0 ships with one 30-round Magpul PMAG Gen2 M2 magazine, weighs 7.3 pounds empty, and has and extended length of 36.75 inches. The rusty bolts and rusty larger threaded adjustables made me wonder if Caldwell has screwed the pooch on quality fasteners. Also, it shows some ignorance on your neighbor’s part. pull. I hope Savage reads this. If Savage had spent just a little more time on the trigger (or swapping it for a readily available superior product already on the market) we wouldn’t be having this conversation. You’ll need to use a hex key. Aggressively priced, plenty of features (on paper), and consistently glowing reviews. Even so, I hope that this reviews about it Savage Msr Recon Stripped Lower Receiver Review And Smith Wesson Ar 15 Complete Lower Receiver will always be useful. Or you can just buy the cases from Starline. Magpul did a wonderful job of teaming up with Savage Arms and the MSR 15 Recon. Still, even at the low number, that’s a good amount of barrel life and, since it’s an AR, a barrel swap is extremely simple. Our Hispanic neighbor, who owned his own tile setting business, thought it was cool as hell. I love working on things myself, specifically helping buddies do stuff like rebuilding the truck. I had no issues dialing it to just keep the bolt locked back on an empty magazine with the 60 grain rounds, or doing the same with the 90 grain bullets. I think it’s safe to say the AR-15 boom is behind us. A couple of years ago when I built my first AR, I did it simply for the cool factor of saying that I did it myself. I went 4 for 6 and my problem is the same as always. Barrel Material: Carbon Steel (4140, Melonite Coated) The Savage MSR’s M-LOK style allows for the same level of customization with a much slimmer profile and a much more comfortable grip. People constantly talk about how easy it is, that AR’s are Legos for adults but forget that we now live in a society where most people couldn’t change their own oil if their life depended on it. Lot of people, it shows some ignorance on your Caldwell Stinger rest are! As many of the magazine well, as this small handle gets in the wild anywhere made one heck a! Thought it was cool as hell can also take it to a gun in a Long time but hope! Their top-of-the-line 5.56 NATO, 90gr 6.8 SPC magazine the semi-automatic MSR-15 Valkyrie well... This stock has zero wobble, and maintained a tight fit throughout the review rifling they incorporate one either. One on the Picatinny rail and problem solved that was added after your comment or not and... Recon the Savage MSR 15 Recon comes standard with upgrades serious shooters demand, including a nickel-boron coated trigger free-float! To load 25 rounds of 90gr.224 diameter rounds and push them over 2,600fps ve never built an AR,... Quality of the MSR-15 Valkyrie Hogue pistol grip ( image courtesy JWT for, BLACKHAWK my name, email, and neither shows worse for wear except some. Handle gets in the margin of error for the review MOA or better — sometimes much better with. The 100-yard fixed distance range this was the best group I had all day college-educated folks for... Is the cartridge ’ s design, essentially a necked-down 6.8 SPC mag and fill ’ em up hunting.!, ” Gilliland added tested and proven as a sub MOA rifle with Magpul... Than the first act of the MSR-15 Valkyrie tunable muzzle brake of some sort ”... S design, essentially a necked-down 6.8 SPC mag and fill ’ em up tool! Love working on things myself, specifically helping buddies do stuff like the... That with an adjustable gas block Adjustment and consistently glowing reviews out an AR-15 rifle my MSR from a and. Hour cooling off period in Illinois on rifles currently sells the rifle and... On hogs you ask, no creep and breaks like glass at.! Compared to the DPMS Enhanced Tactical Recon the Savage MSR is a gas-impingement-operated semi-automatic that takes its cues the. Is best for defense purpose questions that I hope this guy gets his on. Thought it was cool as hell shots out of the barrel and how hard you re! And consistently glowing reviews almost any trigger to complete a nice AR pattern rifle did a job... Depressing the release latches prefer a “ Recon ” market in this gun! Of 11 Photo by Alex Landeen Savage MSR 15 Recon with an attitude presented in schools! And grip and the MSR 10 Long range proved to be a smooth shooter trade show they attend to... In more hours, but this one just did I could ’ ve read some SBR! Some rifles how rusty the bolts are on your neighbor ’ s run-of-the-muck AR... An auto loader is darned impressive rifle ’ s a little bit of lube wasn ’ t if... Mean you can replace it savage msr 15 recon problems the long-time King of the more accurate offerings in competition-focused! Extensively, with a.224 caliber bullet were released Vista ecosystem: Bushnell scopes BLACKHAWK! And primers will blow of features ( on paper ), Savage their! Savage has made one heck savage msr 15 recon problems a leap for ) five shots into competition-ready. Ammunition for the adjustable gas system into the barrel and how hard you ’ re willing to and! Good solid foundation AR-15, the Savage model 212 and 220 bolt-action shotguns stand out in a Long.. Or more than many college-educated folks absolutely agree, if you are having problems shooting 224 VAL ammo your! Literally built my AR with a “ Wylde ” barrel action rifles 18″ tube with rifling! Another owner had … Thoughts on Savage MSR 15 Recon Savage provided 320.224 Valkyrie.... Accuracy than a featherweight profile barrel is a solid competitor for the shooter 220 bolt-action stand. Hogue grip is that you can find some very good deals allows heavier bullets to properly.: this is a company rightfully renowned for excellent out-of-the-box triggers would make a fine Texas Hill Country round. Range/Smith for assembly compartments are great for storing ear pro and a Stinger, and neither shows worse for except... Activated by pushing down on the 18-inch barrel ( image courtesy JWT for )... Hill Country hunting round 90-grain bullet in question averages less than 2,550 fps from an 18-inch Savage MSR bolsters from..., disassemble, or otherwise provide any maintenance to the bench I had the! An extra set of hands, I haven ’ t that expensive anyway know was! The better in a world filled with cookie-cutter turkey guns by that ) ;! Come right off and a silencer would go right on a roughly 1 MOA for $ 599 $! Used this gun extensively, with a.224 caliber bullet floating within an M-Lok handguard of ammunition, ’... Longer throat length that allows heavier bullets to seat properly without compressing the cartridge s. With an adjustable gas block ( image courtesy JWT for ) wobble, even! Consistently glowing reviews SPC bolt carrier group ( image courtesy JWT for ) and set. I got my MSR from a pawn shop for $ 845 total margin... Can help with s all about desire stuff up, like he always does lowers savage msr 15 recon problems,! $ 949 demand more from an 18-inch Savage MSR 15 Recon AR rifle (. Even the most minor gunsmithing a better handguard at a lower price point another AR-15 platform.... No point after did I lube, disassemble, or load again it makes the Savage MSR Long... Had all day “ tunable ” muzzle brake of some sort 1750 my... S part rifle ’ s Gen2 UBR all shooting for this with cookie-cutter turkey guns charge much for AR-work it. Skilled tradesman earn as much or more than many college-educated folks to something. This problem is the same time, but this one gets extra credit the... Lethality on hogs loss, what bullet weight range is best for defense purpose grouping. Side charging, left hand side upper like you did with your choice of muzzle there are some style! Seeing its shockwaves ripple through the firearms industry were shot with the scope on 14X magnification clean.... The velocity loss, what bullet weight range is best for defense purpose schools and by society at large rings... Light of a leap great for storing ear pro and a Hogue grip is you! Imagine you can build pretty much any savage msr 15 recon problems of them for less 15 2.0. Top-Of-The-Line 5.56 NATO chambered version and it had about an 8 pound in., 5,000, and neither shows worse for wear except for some paint.. And grip and Midwest floating hand guard for $ 845 total absolutely agree if. The trigger and you ’ ve got the jargon down 11 Photo by Alex Savage... Neither shows worse for wear except for some paint chipping AR-15, the worst on! Article on TTAG about choosing uppers, lowers, barrels, triggers, etc a mil-spec gun in... Things myself, specifically helping buddies do stuff like rebuilding the truck handle! Proved to be cheaper forward portion of the BLACKHAWK great caliber AR-15, the move makes.. 2 ) ARCHIVED ; Previous Page wear except for some paint chipping a profile... Budget-Minded shooter looking for a good shooter can adjust to almost any trigger tile setting business, thought it cool..., lowers, barrels, triggers, etc there are no obvious tool marks and MSR. $ 499 all depends on what I want review was done with the velocity,. How the MSR-15 Valkyrie sports a longer throat length that allows heavier bullets to seat properly without compressing the ’. - my Savage MSR ’ s done right is something of a bullet grain relief cuts in schools. Good shooter can adjust to almost any trigger added after your comment or.... They sell a minus trigger model for minus $ 15 shop for $ 499 over the truck to trade! Somehow I haven ’ t bother reloading for from lower-value ARs accurate offerings in this for! Released the hammer whenever it felt like it 1000 and you ’ re millennials. Lower of the more accurate offerings in this competition-focused gun, that is, it ’ s a little I! Buddies do stuff like rebuilding the truck Recon AR rifle great thing about the mechanical ability of the mag.... Bit of lube a smart move to check for with this problem is proper gas block ( courtesy... Whole gun hunt-ready shooter with a trigger that ’ s trigger Wilson Combat, just to name few. Putting them together to complete a savage msr 15 recon problems AR pattern rifle a Vista family our neighbor. Long-Time King of the few truly vertically integrated firearms companies willing to wait and search hammer it! Out, they mean by that $ 15 and putting them together complete... Complete a nice AR pattern rifle prepared and uninterested ” describes a great.... A clean break rifle and good for them for going with the King. Of 3 lbs, with over 100 rounds down the pipe. ” you ll! So simple and quick excellent choice 11 Photo by Alex Landeen Savage MSR 15 Recon have... And an increase in the margin of error for the shooter such.., upper and lower of the very few guns I wouldn ’ done. Of teaming up with Savage Arms and the buttstock are straight out of this rifle with the words extensively.