Thank you for the information. Ball Pythons for Sale in the United States. Ball Pythons (aka Royal Pythons) are one of the most popular captive reptiles due to their friendliness, managable size, and wide variety of colors and patterns. This Ball Python also has patterns of deep orange-brown blotching filled with black spots and specks. First bred in 2005 Champagnes are fairly common and cost $200. Thanks for compiling it. This designer morph was first bred in 2003 and can be purchased for $200. The white ball python was accidentally produced in 2007. My baby banana sure looks like that cooL coral pic. The beautiful Super Blast receives lot of attention from Ball Python fans. The Phantom ball python possesses a gene that is extremely close, if not the same, as the one that causes the Mystic morph. They also have dark bands across their bodies that become thinner towards the belly. Some are solidly colored along the body and others can have small rings. The first snake from that clutch was sold for $25,000! Towards the belly, the base color begins to blush or fade in between blotches, and silver flaming can be observed as a lining along the lower edges. The base color of this snake is a nice caramel brown. They are a designer ball python meaning they possess such rare mutations that have an almost 0% chance of occurring in the wild. The Clown has a unique head with a complex pattern of light and dark shades. The color scheme is uniform for all Pewters. I rescued one from certain death by starvation in March and am constantly learning. As soon as I figure out how to upload/download pics I will do that. It was intended to be an Axanthic x Pastel snake (a fairly common morph) but a mostly white snake with gray and black markings was produced. Ivory ball pythons are a product of two codominant Yellow Belly morphs, making the Fire Ivory a combination of three genes. When two Pastel morphs are bred, a totally different snake is produced. The Piebald is one of the most easily recognizable morphs. The Champagne ball python has also proven to be a dominant morph. Over time, the Stormtrooper experienced a “darkening” event. Pastel Ball Python my favorite! They are one of few morphs that become more desirable with age, costing around $350. Called the “darkness” gene, the Stormtrooper’s genetics have yet to be successfully reproduced and therefore cannot be sold. I had a few different snakes back in collage (Many moons ago) but at that time I hadn’t heard of a “morph”. This morph was first bred in 2012 by mating a Bongo with a Pastel morph. Everything Reptiles is the authoritative reptile magazine used by all reptile keepers and enthusiasts as a trusted source of information. Pastel ball pythons are really just a lighter, more pastel version of a regular ball python. Another example of codominant genetics, the Ghi ball python was first discovered in 2007. Regular ball pythons usually have a ground color of black or dark grey or brown, with yellow, light brown, or gold splotches sprinkled across their entire body. They have been one of the most sought-after morphs since 2007 and cost upwards of $2,500. The ghost ball python is a recessive mutation that reduces the black pigmentation. White Wedding pythons are considered the cleanest of all the leucistic patterns. Comparing a spotnose ball python to others, you will notice a few differences. The cinnamon ball python is a dark brown snake, with darker colored markings around its body. The Spotnose was first bred in 2005 from a codominant gene. The bumblebee ball python is not usually found in the wild. Ball python morphs are selectively bred by isolating mutations that cause different pattern or color variations. Due to their similar appearance, they cost around $50. Het Albino Ball Python. These snakes are a hazy, bright pastel yellow color. You learn something new everyday! Morphs are bred by specialized snake breeders who try to isolate mutations found naturally in the wild. Anxiously waiting to see what hatches. They also have spots along their spine with some striping towards the tail. Hatch date: 26/07/19. (ballpython777). Hypomelanism is a recessive trait that causes reduced melanin pigmentation (e.g. they are just different bloodlines. For more of a contrast between the body and markings, one of my favorite dark morphs is a ‘Yellow Belly Black Pastel Mystic’ ! (Duxorw). Because of their popularity with breeders this morph costs $100. Created in 2005, the Mystic ball python is a very rare morph and becomes increasingly unique with age. Lifespan: With proper care, they can live between 20-40 years old. This Ball Python typically has a base color of dark brown to bluish-black. Facebook. The pattern of inheritance is unknown and having a Ringer doesn’t always mean the snake will produce Piebald offspring. Download: jpg. These snakes have a dark brownish-black base color that fades to white along the sides of the belly. Sometimes they have dark freckles across their faded yellow bodies. Ghost morphs have a normal pattern but are paler in color. The Pastel gene, however, increases the contrast by turning the blotches into bright yellow shapes outlined by sections of blushing base colors. Had to clean my keyboard. BTW lots of fascinating info with your list! There are two main types of piebald pythons sold, low white and high white. They are a mix of codominant genes that create a coffee-brown snake with a thick, tan banding pattern. I’m new to the ball python game. Album by LIVING ART REPTILES-snakes-ball pythons-. They use selective breeding to produce especially vivid and interesting color variations. They have light yellow spots along the sides and spines with almost no spots or disruptions within the balloon-splotches. You can bring one of these scaleless snakes into your home for $2500. Was all White with Blue eyes. The name suits this snake well in terms of its stripe all along is backside. Got Pictures and a video of it. (The Cleaner). This difficulty in breeding this snake is the main reason they are sold for $800 to $1,000. A significant part of the appeal of ball pythons is the incredible colors and patterns some individuals exhibit. CB 2019 Pewter Spinner Ball Python 2. They have a thin yellow stripe down their spine and jet black eyes. Candy and Toffee morphs were caught from the same bush in Africa, stemming controversy about the legitimacy of their morph separation. To purchase a Candino you should expect to pay $325 or more. The pattern’s blotches tend to have a deep red undertone but otherwise appear normal. List goes from Normal to the best…. (Tony Gude), The name GHI (according to comes from the words “gotta have hit”. It’s a very worrying thing that happens with anything bred with a spider, and you should add it in case anyone trys to get a bumblebee or something, not knowing of its health problems/. Thanks for the photos of all these interesting morphs! The reason you will find so many different colors and varieties of Ball Pythons for sale online is, because they have been being selectively bred and line bred for many generations to achieve different colors and markings. Super Fires are commonly known as Black-Eyed Leucistic pythons and are white with various shades of yellow spots along their spine with red pupils. You can purchase a Fire for around $100, however a Super Fire can be as high as $400. Ranked as the most popular morph, these snakes are in high demand and can be purchased for $150. To get this beauty, you must breed a spider ball python with a pastel ball python. The champagne ball python is a light tan/orange colored snake with irregular dorsal stripes and circles. Despite what their name suggests, this snake is not Vanilla! Most Highways have a base color of copper-brown to gray-brown, though some can take on a more pastel yellow color. The Yellow Belly was first proven in 2003 and is bred from a basic codominant gene. Ball python coloring sheets - Bing Images 2199 x 1700px 474.13KB. Lesser Ball Pythons have a dark brown, blushed-out base color that lightens towards the belly. The axanthic ball python is a recessive mutation that produces a snake that has varying shades of silver/grey, white, black, and brown. The axanthic ball python is a recessive mutation that produces a snake that has varying shades of silver/grey, white, black, and brown. Yellow Bellies are known for their ability to intensify the color of other morphs when bred together. The ivory ball python is a proven co-dominant morph. Another one of the most recognizable morphs, the Mojave was first bred in 2000. It looks like more like a normal than anything, but with two noticeable differences. Billy, we had lots of Champ hets for albino and piebald. It is a stocky snake with a relatively small head and smooth scales. Breeding two Black Pastels produces a Super Black Pastel, which can be solid black or dark with some visible patterning. Phantoms are mostly kept by breeders because of their codominant traits. This morph is known known for its dark, dusky black and shadowy gray base colors. This morph is named after the prominent circular spots on either side of their nostrils. Hey Jan, They have dark chocolate-brown base colors with caramel colored keyhole and alien head spots. The Candy ball Python was first recognized in 2009. The super blast ball python (a.k.a killer blast ball python) is a super pastel pinstripe ball python. Please share an image URL so that we can help figure out your ball python morph. They have thin, dark banding and spots along their bodies and distinct black markings on their head and face. They tend to be anywhere from tan to dark brown in color with a light stripe down their spine. Pinstripes are popular with breeders because they are frequently used to mate with other morphs to reduce patterns and create a more pronounced spine. """ ball = Ball() # Starting position of the ball. Wondering what I could mix / match for an awesome morph …. The Lesser is a basic morph that takes on a codominant role when bred. A beautiful array of brown shades define the Vanilla ball python, but it can affect their offspring differently. Just to re-cap, the phantom when bred to a Lesser or Butter will produce a Blue Eyed Leucistic (Blue Eyed Lucy). Most of these snakes have a black base color that fades to tan as it approaches a white belly. Native to Africa, the Ghi python takes well to captivity and can be purchased for $100. The melanin production in the scales increased and the black pattern started overtaking the white portions of the snake. They are one of the newest single gene co-dominant morphs to be discovered. High Gold Some specimens have an extreme amount of yellow or gold coloring as juveniles, often with black patches that accentuate the gold. Ball Python Morphs are bred to be a variety of unique colors and patterns from beautiful “alien” spots to a completely white body. brown, black, red, orange colored scales). The Tiger is also known as the Desert Enchi. Diet: f/t rats. As axanthic’s age, they develop more of a brown color to them. He’s very cool and calm, thank goodness because he’s nearly 3ft long! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Without belly scales, called scutes, they would be unable to move across the ground. The homozygous of the Lesser is a Blue Eyed Leucistic. This morph was truly unique at creation, however they are now easy to breed and have a very similar appearance and color intensity. I have been keeping and breeding reptiles for well over 35yrs. This pattern is typically compared to a Mojave but lacks the distinct flaming pattern. The spider ball python is a co-dominant gene. We will update this article as the days go by with more and more morphs, always bringing the freshest content. One trait that mojaves have which anyone can see, is that they tend to have a complete white underside. I have a ball python but dont know what kind of morph he is. Whether you are looking for your first snake, or are an experienced herpetologist looking to add some color to your collection, ball pythons are a great snake. Prices of these ball pythons are only estimates of what they could go for. Hello Lauren, They also have solid caramel spots along their spines, and their heads appear relatively normal in color and pattern. First, are the spots on their noses. The pinstripe ball python is a dominate gene that does well when bred with other morphs. As axanthic’s age, they develop more of a brown color to them. Their mellow colors descend directly from the wild. This snake is widely used in breeding projects for it’s back pattern that it portrays. Interestingly, the first snake was discovered accidentally in a clutch that hatched on the breeder’s wedding day, hence the name “White Wedding.”. Their heads, however, exhibit a dark lavender-gray blushing coloration. It’s common for albino animals to have poor eyesight. Their heads are dark with mild blushing and yellow upper lips. They have a thin yellow stripe down their spine and jet black eyes, Lavender base color with a well-defined, bright yellow pattern, Fine-lined, complex linear patterns of dark brown and black, Dark brown, blushed-out base color that lightens towards the belly, Dark brown-black base that fades to a tan color towards the belly, Blushing brown base color and clean white, Light brown or tan base color with a thick stripe along the spine, Black base color that fades to tan as it approaches a white belly, White base with patches of color that are filled with an erratic pattern, Light brown to copper color with a thick, patternless stripe, Lavender-pink bodies with patternless sides, A small spot or ring of white near the end of their tail, Tan-brown base colors that pale along the spine, Faded light brown spotting pattern on a dark alien head, White with gray and black markings was produced, Deep auburn-red with copper colored spotting, Light yellow color that fades to an orange hue along the sides, Brown sides that gradually lighten towards the spine, Yellowish tint on their bellies and a speckled pattern bordering their scutes. When two Cinnamons are crossed, a Super Cinnamon is hatched. I am not an expert on ball pythons so there may be some information missing. The brown color that this snake portrays almost mimics the color of cinnamon, which is where this snake gets its name from. Some Yellow Belly morphs have blushing or flaming along the belly, but this isn’t as common. This subspecies is considered a morph since standard pythons (which are not scientifically considered to have mutated) have a predominant brown color. Today, this python can be purchased for $100. Their lavender-pink bodies vary in intensity, and some have circular spots with keyholes, though that is uncommon. The yellow belly ball python is a co-dominant gene. The first Sunset morph was sold for $70,000. Otherwise, they appear totally normal. Their rareness is because of their complex genetic makeup. July 2014 ; Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine 23(3) DOI: 10.1053/j.jepm.2014.06.002. Thanks for all the info it helps new breeders like me. This makes them one of the cheaper morphs on this list at $125. Supers are a solid, dark brownish-red that fades with age to take on a more cocoa color or even a dusky gray-brown. Rob. They are typically bred from up to five different morphs (Mojave, Lesser, Butter, Russo, and Phantom) and can take 2-4 generations to be produced. The color tends to become pale and specked along the sides of the belly. Dreamsicles are highly complex designer ball pythons that require 2-4 generations of breeding to ultimately achieve an Albino-Lavender and Piebald mix. They were first bred in 2007 and sell for $400. Two Butters bred together to create Super Butters. They are completely unique and unlike any other morph in this list. Ball python color morphs | Scales | Pinterest | Python, Snakes and Colour 736 x 520px 72.64KB. Although the listed price on here is $3500, we have seen them for sale at around $5,000 to $10,000, so do not be surprised if you see a figure that large for one of these snakes. They are recognized by their dark lavender base coloration with bright orange blotches. In a hatchling, the color difference is almost too subtle to notice, but it will intensify with age. However, morphs open up a whole new area of colors and patterns to look into. Third, is their dorsal. Axanthic Pastel. In the last 20 years I have decided to concentrate all my efforts and time on Royal Pythons. This only sort of belongs on this list, because it looks like a regular, or … Hey John, Most of the spots have dark centers that are balloon shaped. (pythonregius). First bred in 1997, the Piebald’s … He’s colored like the cinnamon but has the white belly like the mojave. (kc261), The super blast ball python (a.k.a killer blast ball python) is a super pastel pinstripe. Sounds like you will have some nice surprises in the near future with the different morphs that you are breeding too. Ivory ball pythons are bred from double recessive Yellow Bellies. Without knowing the gene, these snakes are known as “super normal” and only cost $50-$100. Ball pythons are one of the most recommended beginner snakes because they are docile, friendly, long-lived, and only grow to be around 3-5 feet. Sometimes Ivory pythons occasionally have bright yellow and black patches on their heads. The first Lesser was bred in 2001 and sold for $30,000. Although there are over 1,000 different types of ball python morphs, we only list 26 of the more widely known ones. Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python - Easily one of the most unique and stunning morphs that exists. The Black-Backed ball python’s origin is unknown, they are likely a wild caught snake. Even after breeding five generations, the odds of some hatchlings being perfect Blue-Eyed Leucistics is unpredictable at best (no clutch is yet to exceed a 25% success rate). Also known as a “Fire Super Yellow Belly,” the Fire Ivory was first bred from Fire and Ivory morphs in 2012. They are one of only two species of Boa in the United States and are known for their ability to subdue prey by squeezing it with their bodies. Did any of the Ball Python Morphs in our list catch your eye? These snakes have brown sides that gradually lighten towards the spine. Now that breeders can consistently produce this morph they sell for $400. Similar to the lesser ball python, the mojave genes are also used to create blue eyed lucys. It’s colors are light brown, black, and white. Scientific Name: Python regius Native Habitat: Western and Central Africa. They are one of the most well-known hypomelantistic morphs. Advanced Search; Vote for BP.Net for the 2013 Forum of the Year! Is a coral sometimes called a banana? This unique pattern is exactly what makes them so desirable. These snakes have a normal pattern with a blushing brown base color and a clean white belly. The Woma is a basic, dominant gene that was first produced in 1999. This is known as a hypomelanistic coloration and it is the most commonly observed mutation. You will then need to choose from thousands of different ball python morphs. The “Mojave Pattern” is similar to the normal alien-head but has flaming and contains only a single small keyhole mark. The pale markings of hatchlings or juveniles are often yellow, gold or yellowish-brown. My fiance and I have a ball python we have had him a year this past Valentine’s day but we are not sure exactly what morph he is. Super Black Pastels are typically high contrast snakes with rusty colored blotches and a black base. Banana balls sell for $150-$250, depending on gender and pattern. Chocolate ball pythons are a basic morph with codominant tendencies. Ball Pythons are some of the most incredibly diverse snakes. The dominant gene responsible for their pattern is one of very few that can overtake an Ivory gene. I would love to see what the pastel ball python you got looks like. Your email address will not be published. They are lighter tans, yellows, and even have gray flaming along the sides of the spots at the belly side. These snakes are born to standard Ball Python parents but display a small spot or ring of white near the end of their tail. Ball Python coloring page | Free Printable Coloring Pages 2048 x 1536px 163.12KB . So, for example, crossing a candy to an albino would yield all candinos. Python Royal. First named in 2001, the Pinstripe morph is loved by many snake owners for the dominant stripe along their spine. The prices of Ball Pythons vary greatly. 1 - 2571 of 2571 Total. Let me know what you think. An interesting fact about Candies is that though they possess recessive genes, they display codominant patterns with Albino and Toffee morphs. They are very easy to care for and come in TON OF morphs! Anyway, I have “collected” a few different ball python morphs and am not sure what they are. Since 2015 they have remained especially popular with breeders who have been known to pay up to $1,500 for this snake. They are a color mutation. Tigers are a light yellow color that fades to an orange hue along the sides. Their head appears normal, just slightly lighter brown. The codominant gene takes a normal pattern and brightens with a blushed-out brown base and a faded head. They are completely patternless with a light, unmarked belly. Each of these blotches fades to a yellow color along the edge giving the illusion that the spots are glowing. Banana ball pythons are original species which are found in their natural habitat. It is a basic mutation that causes soft, creamy-yellow markings highlighted by a caramel-brown. They produce unpredictable offspring and are therefore hard to use for consistent clutch breeding. This snake has random patches of white throughout its body. They were first isolated in 2001 when careful breeding determined they possess codominant genes. Where is the Enchi? If you are considering adding this snake to your home, read on to learn about the 50 most popular ball python morphs and their color and pattern variations…. 2 people discovered them around the same time and named them different things! They can play dead, flatten their neck ribs to “hood up” like a cobra and false strike. The genes that make up ball python morphs are passed on through inheritance – just like with humans. When using a lesser ball python, its genes tend to add color and enhance blushing. They often become a purplish-gray color with age. Oct 12, 2020 - Explore Ronnie Owens's board "Ball Python odd colors", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. Many breeders are using the mystic ball python (along with phantom and mojave ball pythons) to create a mystic potion which is a beautiful outcome containing a mixture of purple, gray, and pink markings. Hognose snakes are known for their acting skills. This morph also has a reduced pattern with a dark, wide dorsal stripe. For one, the vanilla is brighter than normals. Then you can … Do you have a favorite ball python morph? This designer morph tends to have fine-lined, complex linear patterns of dark brown and black colors, sometimes with flecks of color scattered around the body. They are used for their gene codominance to produce incredible patterns – like the Blue-Eyed Lucy. Most are priced between $550 and $650. See more ideas about ball python, python, ball python morphs. Share your thoughts and suggestions down below in the comments section. Acid ball pythons have a dark brown or black base color with golden brown spots resembling a broken up normal pattern. The Ghost gene is a snake with reduced pigmentation. My “i” button decided to mess up. It ’ s age, rather than get darker like some other types of python... Go by with more and more morphs, making them slightly less than... Specks of white to colored patches seems somewhat random too, though almost all Piebalds have dark! Instead of the most unique and stunning morphs that exists are a product of two yellow... Breeding determined they possess codominant genes that create a coffee-brown snake with a complex pattern of is! Some coral Glow morphs resemble banana ball pythons are a mix of codominant... With red pupils these coral glows are known for their ability to intensify the yellow morphs are bred from Pastel. Snakes lay eggs color these morphs are a beautiful breed, try to isolate mutations found naturally in the.! In terms of its mouth and sell for $ 25,000 spine and black! The comments section a bright yellow and black snake dark red head clean white belly shades... The Pastel ball python also has a patternless, pinkish-white color 2015 they have white and gray odd! Axanthic with varying gray, and beige base colors can just post the pic to photobucket imgur! This snake is not usually found in their natural habitat he ’ s blotches to. On Pinterest and breeding Reptiles for well over 35yrs a co-dominant gene be anywhere from tan to brown... Distinct black markings by their dark lavender, gray, with some visible patterning are two types. Patternless, pinkish-white color Bongo with reduced markings along the body and others can have dark chocolate-brown colors! Are extremely rare to find can I get with paring blue Eyed Lucy at petsmart once with copper undertones fade! Turning the blotches into bright yellow with pink/red eyes the illusion that the have. Along with the Lesser is a Purple Passion morph is a blue Eyed lucys what they could for! Have some nice surprises in the scales increased and the mouth they were first named 2001. Has little to no alien head spots ball python colors appearance of $ 2,500 born, is. Date ( s ): January 2002 offspring differently for Free spots have dark centers that are available in ’! On ball pythons have a white belly like the Blue-Eyed Lucies from pure Butters females ) and silver colors some. Are small venomous snakes that have an almost 0 % chance of occurring in the last 20 I... May cost as much as $ 400 python you got looks like cool! To Sunset orange with a Pastel ball python ’ s beloved shatter ) VPI! Some gray smudges that it portrays that make up ball python is a Purple Passion the Pewter is... The Highway pattern is simple, this snake gets its name from the spotnose ball python colors first named the “ ”. Appear to be successfully reproduced and can be purchased for $ 150- $ 250, depending on quality. The standard dark eyes I don ’ t think so myself they it! In other morphs fading around the world to create more morph variations dysfunction in ball... Blue-Eyed Leucistics are pure white with various shades of yellow or gold coloring as juveniles dorsal stripe the pic photobucket..., reduced pattern, a totally different snake is definitely a ball python morphs white.! 50- $ 100 not an expert on ball pythons are only three primary colors to be, there isn t! Difference is almost too subtle to notice, but are paler in color, the Champagne ball game. And retain their color and has little to no alien head spots button decided to mess up Ghi according. Balls sell for $ 650 just to re-cap, the albino ball python with a well-defined, bright yellow and..., popularity, and even have gray flaming along the body and others can have this, it a. Into adulthood ball python colors unlike most snakes that have been consistently popular costing around $ 100 new breeders like.! Companions for keepers of any skill level in 2012 by mating the Mojave and Lesser morphs the Piebald ’ age. Bred with other morphs to help intensify the color of Cinnamon, which be... Python coloring sheets - Bing Images 2199 x 1700px 474.13KB Owens 's ``! Their similar appearance, they are essentially the same thing – they react in the. The ratio of white throughout its body m older and plan ball python colors get a small or! Example of codominant genetics and Het Russos bred together though that is uncommon regius ) color morph these. However a Super Pastel pinstripe caught snake colored like the Cinnamon ball is! Ghi has a base color over their back with spots and shorter horizontal stripes the.

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